Wallaby Track

Swagmen used to talk about “taking to the wallaby track” and swamp wallabies are common in the regrowth messmate and peppermint forest on top of the Divide.

Departing from Norman Lindsay’s home town of Creswick, you’ll travel around St Georges Lake through rolling pastoral countryside ringed by volcanic hills that contour next to the state’s longest timber tramway system, and a traverse through an impressive one kilometre long railway cutting on a long abandoned railway line. More tall forest with a side trip to Sailors Falls delivers you to the cluster of mineral spas waiting for weary bodies and feet at the twin towns of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

Walk the Wallaby Track

Total Distance: 52 km

Total Time: over 3 days*

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  1. W.G. Spence Walk : Creswick – Mollongghip (25km)
    Commencing with the Creswick Heritage Walk, that takes in samples of gold rush glories you’ll touch the edge of St Georges Lake before joining back into the shared use track at the Koala Park. Back among tumbled old diggings in forest, then emerging into farmland for the only section of the whole track on roads. Enter the forest again at 700m on top of Divide, skirting the high valley of Mollongghip.
  2. Andersons Tramway Walk : Mollongghip – Wombat Station (7km)
    Contour on top of Divide next to a 19th century timber tramway system, before dropping gradually to a Great Dividing Trail Association rotunda on the grassy platform of the long-departed Wombat railway station.
  3. Wombat Forest Walk : Wombat Station – Daylesford (19km)
    Pass through the high walls of the 1km long railway cutting to embankment beyond. Gradual uphill to footpad through ever-taller forest. After the basalt columns of Sailors Falls, the track descends steeply, before beginning a relentless climb uphill along 4WD tracks and finally reaching the haven of Lake Daylesford.

Ride the Wallaby Track

Total Distance: 52 km (approx)

Total Time: 5 - 6 hours*

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  1. Creswick to Wombat Station (approx 29km)
    Exiting the Creswick Regional Park there is some well-timed respite for weary legs as the Wallaby Track takes you along rolling roads, mostly bitumen, that afford beautiful views across the fertile lava fields. Back into the Wombat Forest it’s more great singletrack mixed in amongst fascinating gold rush relics and amazing engineering feats. Take a break at the Wombat Station rotunda, built on the grassy platform of a long gone railway station.
  2. Wombat Station to Daylesford (approx 19km)
    The forest is greener in these higher parts and some stands of natives appear sky high. Try the waters at the Sailors Falls mineral springs, you may need the nourishment as there is still some serious climbing to be done. By the time you reach Daylesford you will be ready for all that this great tourist focused town has to offer.

* All times are based on walkers and riders with a reasonable level of fitness and experience.
Walking times are based on approximately 4km/hr.


The Wallaby Track traverses a variety of terrain and elevations.