Track Closed!

From July to the beginning of November 2024, the section of the Leanganook Track from Expedition Pass Reservoir to Specimen Gully Rd will be closed due to timber harvesting in the pine plantation. Those walking or riding should use this recommended diversion from the Castlemaine Railway Station via Blakeley Rd to Specimen Gully Rd. When riders get to Specimen Gully Road they turn left (west) and follow the bike route to Harcourt. Walkers turn right (east) and continue along Specimen Gully Road. 

Download a detailed map of the diversion route: Plantation Diversion July-November 2024 PDF
Or view it in the map below:

Experience the Goldfields Track

The Goldfields Track is a point-to-point 210km Track that takes mountain bikers and bushwalkers through some of central Victoria’s most historic towns and beautiful forests.

Experience one of the most fantastic hiking and cycling tracks in Victoria.

Originally known as the Great Dividing Trail, this is some of the most beautiful mountain biking and hiking in Victoria. A region steeped in history, you’ll encounter forests, both natural and man-made, pastoral countryside and single track that in some places flow on grippy loam and in other jump and jag across roots, rock ledges and coarse sandstone. For an experience you will never forget, come and visit the Goldfields Track. Read more…

The Goldfields Track acknowledges the support of HVP Plantations. With the track running alongside or through some HVP plantations near Creswick and Castlemaine, the Goldfields Track committee works closely with HVP to ensure required plantation management can be delivered while considering the safety and access of track user.

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