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The Goldfields Track travels through some of central Victoria's most beautiful landscapes. It is a natural track and that means it can be affected by the course of mother nature, and is subject to special activities to help keep the area safe.

This page is designed to keep you informed of activity taking place to maintain the track and surrounding areas that may impact your Goldfields Track experience.  Please note, while we do our best to keep this page up-to-date, there are times when incidents happen and land managers (such as Parks Victoria) need to act quickly.  If you come across any areas of concerns, track closures or maintenance needs that are not documented on this page, please send us a note at so we can work with the relevant land managers to address the issue.

Thank you, and we hope you have a fantastic time on the Goldfields Track.


Planned Burns - various locations along the Goldfields Track over the Easter holidays 

The weather conditions are ideal so a number of planned burns will take place over the Easter holiday period  Be sure to check out the Forest Fire Management Victoria website before you set out.  Closed sections will be signposted.  Have your Guidebook ready to help you find alternative tracks.

Details on all planned burns are available on the Forest Fire Management website.