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Rotorua, Chamonix, Coed-y-Brenin, Mt Stromlo. They're all among the great mountain bike venues. Now you can add the Goldfields Track to the list.

It's not because the GT outdoes any of these legendary venues for adrenaline rush or the magic of its sculpted trails. At least not yet. What it does have is unbelievable potential.

The GT is a 200km combination of continuous trails and singletrack running predominantly through forests and broken up into daily, manageable sections by small, friendly towns that offer great accommodation and culinary options.

There are not many places in Australia - or the world - that can offer such an experience so close to civilisation, yet feel like it is so far from anywhere.
With the enthusiastic backing and support of the towns and people of the Goldfields region there is evidence already of what could be created. Money is being spent, something evidenced by excellent sign-posting.

The next step is to develop the singletrack sections so that magical flow all mountain bikers love is more apparent more often. Already there are plentiful riding challenges, the next step is to refine and develop what is there.

Such is the vast potential - there's the ‘p' word again - that works could go on for years. It's a mouth-watering prospect.

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