Important News

Stay safe and have a great time

The Goldfields Track travels through some of central Victoria's most beautiful landscapes. It is a natural track and that means it can be affected by the course of mother nature, and is subject to special activities to help keep the area safe.

This page is designed to keep you informed of activity taking place to maintain the track and surrounding areas that may impact your Goldfields Track experience.  Please note, while we do our best to keep this page up-to-date, there are times when incidents happen and land managers (such as Parks Victoria) need to act quickly.  If you come across any areas of concerns, track closures or maintenance needs that are not documented on this page, please send us a note at so we can work with the relevant land managers to address the issue.

Thank you, and we hope you have a fantastic time on the Goldfields Track.


Golden Triangle Epic on Leanganook Track, Saturday 25 March

Saturday 25 March will see the running of the Golden Triangle Epic, Bendigo's premier mountain bike marathon challenge.  The event offers various distances catering for all levels of riders - from a 150km endurance challenge to a 15km event for kids and beginner riders. 

The event starts at the home of the Bendigo Mountain Bike Club, being Pendlebury Park/Muldoon Reserve on Spring Gully Rd.  The main races uses a 50km loop, which includes a section of the Leanganook Track.  The section of track being used is between Diamond Hill and the Sandhurst Reservoir.

It is expected riders will be on the course from as early as 6am until approximately 4pm in the afternoon.  Click here for more details on the event course.

If you are planning to, or are using the Goldfields Track in this area on Saturday 25 March please beware of riders coming through and do not alter or remove any course markings. The Bendigo Mountain Bike Club will be ensuring these are cleared away in the following days.

We thank you for your consideration and support of this event.  The event is important for the Bendigo Mountain Bike, the City of Greater Bendigo and indeed the entire community, as it draws visitors to the area from across the country.  It's a great opportunity for this part of Victoria to be on show and to benefit from the influx of visitors, who stay overnight, spend money in the local area and enjoy the tourism offering.


Section of the walking track of the Wallaby Track, near St Georges Lake closed January 2017 until further notice

Due to the flood event in spring 2016 and damage to the track and a bridge, a section of the walking track near the south east corner of St Georges Lake (near Creswick) has been closed by Parks Victoria. 

Walkers will need to use the cycling section of the Goldfields Track between St Georges Lake and the eastern boundary of the Koala Park until further notice.

Take care, as this is usually a cycling only section of track.



March 2016 update and ongoing

Parks Victoria has advised that for safety reasons the steps at Sailors Falls are currrently closed.  The steps are on a branch track off the Wallaby Track and allow access to the Falls viewing area.  A map with more information is available here.  Thanks to the Great Dividing Trail Assocation for the map information.

Parks Victoria is currently reviewing options for the steps and how delivery of the required works can be be done. At this time it is not confirmed when the works will be completed.