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Harcourt and their famous apples are celebrated at the Harcourt Applefest.  Enjoy the Harcourt Art Show, the Applefest Market, the Street Parade and the Applefest Kids Karnival.

The Festival Market is your go-to place for live music, local food and produce, local ciders, handmade crafts, and of course, apples tantalizingly presented in a myriad of dishes.  

The Harcourt Applefest Kids Karnival is an action-packed zone of entertainment, activities, rides and workshops for young people aged 2 to 22. 

Those interested in the arts - be it as an observer or artist - don't miss the Annual Harcourt Art Show, at the ANA Hall.  It's a small works show, and a well loved part of Apple Fest.  Entry forms must be in by Friday 24th Feb.  Get all the details at the Applefest website art festival page.

More information at the Apple Fest website and keep up with Applefest news at their Facebook page.